What is a Revocable Living Trust?

One of the main concerns that people who visit an elder law attorney’s office have is how to ensure that all of their assets go to the right family or friends that they want them to. They often think that … Read More

Medical Asset Protection Trusts

The best general method of protecting assets when someone may need placement in a skilled nursing facility is putting a specific amount of personal assets in irrevocable medical protection trusts. There are some restrictions on qualifying for Medicaid associated with … Read More


​In many Domestic Violence cases, a kidnapping or similar charge can result when someone is forced to stay and talk when the other party wants to leave. ​One should never force another to stay, for any reason, by blocking an … Read More


Did you know that employers cannot ask a potential hire or existing employee about an arrest or detention that did not end in a conviction? According to California Labor Code section 432.7, An employer cannot ask someone applying for a … Read More

Domestic Violence and Recant Cases

One of the Partner’s and owner’s at Beyer, Pongratz and Rosen (David L. Brown, Esq.) , with assistance from Michelle Spaulding and Spaulding and Campi, recently achieved a full felony acquittal in a PC 273.5(a) case. ​A recant case is … Read More

Burden of Proof in Vehicular Crimes

If you have been accused wrongfully of an automobile accident, you may find yourself in a difficult position of having to “prove a negative”. It is much more difficult to show that something didn’t happen, than to show that something … Read More

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help You?

Personal injury claims can be confusing and overwhelming. As you are recovering from your injuries, you can become bombarded with requests and paperwork from insurance companies, doctors, law enforcement and health insurance companies. You may have to deal with complicated … Read More