Advanced Healthcare Directive

Advanced Healthcare DirectiveAn Advanced Healthcare Directive, or what some people call a Power of Attorney for Health Care, is a legal document that allows an individual to authorize another person to make decisions regarding his or her healthcare and medical treatment. An Advanced Healthcare Directive can be used when a person is unable to make decisions or is unable to communicate intentions regarding treatments.

A person needs an Advanced Health Care if they wish to give an individual authority to make healthcare decisions for them, including the following:

-To, refuse or withdraw consent to any type of medical care, treatment surgical procedures, tests or medications.

-Have access to medical records and information to the same extent the patient is entitled to, including the right to disclose health information to others.

-Authorize admission to or discharge (even against medical advice) from any hospital, nursing home, residential careor assisted living.

-Contract for any health care related service or facility  to or apply for public or private health care benefits.

– Insure that any after death desires are adhered to.

-Hire or fire medical, social service and other support personnel.

-Authorize participation in medical research related to patient’s medical condition.

-Agree or refuse using any medication or procedure intended to relieve pain or discomfort, even thought that use may lead to physical dependence or damage or hasten death.

-Decide about organ and tissue donations, autopsy and the disposition of remains.

-Take any other action necessary to sign waivers or other documents, pursue dispute resolutions or take legal action.

This also allows the person to determine what their end of life decisions are, whether to be kept alive on machines or allowed to die naturally

In the end the Advanced Healthcare Directive is most likely the most important document in an Estate plan.  Although it does not save taxes, or protect assets from creditors, it does insure that your quality of life remains as you desire.

This document will allow you to know that you are in control of your life whether you have capacity.

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