Every year, the amounts used in Medi-Cal calculations are updated to determining:  Qualification, Re-Qualification, Community Spousal Resource Allowance, Recover and other factors.  For the Year 2017, here are the Numbers we are working with. Divestment Penalty Divisor $8,189.00 Individual Resource … Read More

Who Needs An Asset Protection Plan? Do You?

The real questions we should be asking ourselves are, “What is Asset Protection Planning?”  “What assets are we protecting are we protecting anyway?” and“Who are we protecting our assets from?”  Once we ask the right questions, we can find answers … Read More

Asset Protection

  Protect Your Assets Asset Protection works because you build walls between your assets and your creditors or potential creditors. The more walls you rebuild, the more likely your assets will be protected, but also, the more complicated your life … Read More

Advanced Healthcare Directive

An Advanced Healthcare Directive, or what some people call a Power of Attorney for Health Care, is a legal document that allows an individual to authorize another person to make decisions regarding his or her healthcare and medical treatment. An … Read More

Am I Required to Go Through the Probate Process?

In California, there are some ways to avoid probate or to make the process a little simpler for surviving spouses and for “small estates.” These shortcuts can help you save time and money – here are a couple examples. If … Read More

What is a Living Trust?

What is a living trust, and should I have one instead of a written will? Estimations show that only around 20 percent of Americans have living trusts. Is a living trust the right option for you? A living trust is … Read More