Business Litigation

Business Litigation is often complex litigation because there are always more than two sides to every dispute. They usually involve contract disputes when the contracts are either verbal or in writing. Attorney’s fees are usually not available unless the contract specifically has a provision for one. Verbal contracts almost never have Attorney fee provisions.

We try to resolve your matters as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our desire is for our clients to have the best possible outcome. We are resolution minded and want to help your business settle the dispute.

After some discovery is conducted, we almost always explore Mediation as an alternative to trial, or at least as a step before going to trial. Mediation is a confidential, non-binding resolution attempt which has been proven to be successful in about 80%+ of cases.

Business litigation trials are often lengthy and expensive. Jury trials are available, but they make the process even more cumbersome. Usually, the issue in a business dispute trial is who breached, and what are the damages. These questions are almost always better reserved for a Judge, not a jury.

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