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Separate Property and Community Property Complication

While Community Property is usually easy to define in a marriage, maintaining Separate Property ownership can become complex when either or both parties use earnings during the marriage to maintain or pay down those pre-marital acquisitions. Courts look at the … Read More

What Do I Do If My Ex Stops Paying Child Support?

Recovering from a divorce can be difficult. Adjusting to a new place to live, stress at work and the financial ramifications can be daunting. And when you rely on child support to keep your child clothed and fed, losing that … Read More

Insurance Legal Plans Contested v. Uncontested Family Matters

Understanding the difference between Uncontested and Contested Dissolution is important to comprehend because many legal plans only cover certain types of Dissolution’s. Once the Dissolution crosses certain guidelines for Contested Dissolution there are limitations as to what the legal plan … Read More