Contempt of Court (Family Law Orders)

Contempt of Court (Family Law Orders):

A party subject to a valid court order who, with knowledge of the order and the ability to comply, fails to comply with the terms of the order. The party is subject to contempt adjudication and statutory contempt penalties.

The different types of Contempt of the Court

  • Violations of Child Support
  • Violations of Child Custody
  • Violations of Spousal Support

Penalties for Contempt

  • 1st or 2nd offense, penalty is performance of community service up to 120 hours, or imprisonment of up to 120 hours, for each count.
  • 3rd offense, the party cited for contempt will be sentenced up to 240 hours of community service, or imprisonment of up to 240 hours.

The party cited will also have to pay administrative fees for the community service, attorney’s fees and costs, in addition to fines to the court. If the contempt is for nonpayment of child support, spousal support, each month a payment is missed is considered one count.