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Administration of a trust in California requires great knowledge and experience working with the California probate code. Many individuals do not hesitate to quickly accept the responsibility of being a successor trustee for a loved one, close friend, or business associate. Those who do accept such a great responsibility are often unfamiliar with the laws and fiduciary duties involved in trust administration. Without representation, administration of a trust can lead to some costly mistakes. These are some major mistakes you can avoid during the administration of a trust as a trustee.

Mistake: Opting to handle a trust administration without Elk Grove trust administration law firm.

California law pertaining to trust administration is not hard to find, so it is easy to assume that simply following the processes outlined in the probate code will be simple enough without the assistance of Elk Grove trust administration lawyers. However, retaining our Elk Grove trust administration law firm to guide you through the major fiduciary duties and responsibilities will help you avoid mistakes that you may be held personally responsible for. We can help you determine how the trust is supposed to be administered according to the grantor’s intentions.

Mistake: Failing to notify beneficiaries.

As a successor trustee, you are required to notify specific individuals regarding the administration of the trust. The California probate code puts specific timelines of certain processes during the administration phase of a trust. During the administration process, beneficiaries are entitled to an accounting of trust assets. Our Elk Grove trust administration law firm will inform you of the timelines that apply and prepare all necessary letters, forms, and accountings.

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