Felony: The most serious criminal offenses characterized by mandatory prison time, and the most onerous fines. Furthermore, nearly all felonies require bail, except those felonies that are so serious that the court will not allow bail of any kind.

Typical Felonies Involve

  • Breaking and entering
  • Assault and battery
  • Rape, embezzlement and grand theft


It is often a tactic of District Attorneys to overcharge a case resulting in the difficulty and burden of a felony when the act is actually a misdemeanor. In many instances, those types of felonies can be reduced to misdemeanor charges. Judges and lawyers often refer to these as “Wobblers”. Domestic Violence cases are often Wobblers and can often be very difficult to defense.

Attorney Brown has handled innumerable misdemeanor and felony cases ranging in severity from Minor in Possession to Murder.