Trust Litigation

Trust Litigation Professionals

Attorney Etan Rosen is Beyer, Pongratz & Rosen’s seasoned trust litigator. He has handled countless cases of Trust Litigation matters, including trust trial and mediations. Handling these types of matters is never easy for those involved. Typically, trust litigation matters arise after the death of a loved one, which makes a difficult time even harder for the family and friends involved. Mr. Rosen and his staff work hard to make sure the case is handled as efficiently as possible. We work on disputes that involve Trust, Wills, elder abuse, breach of fiduciary obligations, and claims of undue influence. It takes someone that has the experience and understanding of estate documents to help interpret some of the difficult wording. Etan Rosen and his hard working staff are dedicated to getting you the best result possible.

The trust and probate litigation team at Beyer, Pongratz, and Rosen recognize that family disputes involving money are a natural occurrence when there has been a dysfunctional family structure, or when there has been an unnatural distribution of wealth among the beneficiaries.

Many times we see cases where caregivers are left substantial sums by an elderly parent and those cases inevitably turn into Elder Abuse cases.

Resolving Matters via Mediation

In most cases, we attempt to resolve the matters via Mediation. There is always the possibility that the Family will reunite and go back to being a family. We are guided by the notion that in all cases we ever encountered, that parent who recently passed away did not intend for their children to hire lawyers to fight in court. We also know that court action is expensive, slow moving, and has detrimental effects on one’s health.

If we do have to go to court over the trust and will contests, we always do so as expeditiously as possible. Trust trials are not jury trials, and so they tend to move faster.

We are always guided by a code of honor, a code of ethics, and your best interest in mind. We will guide you through the judicial process, and will always give you our best objective and sincere legal opinion.