What Is The Process Of Preparing My Will?

Preparing a will might seem like a daunting task, but it’s an important factor in planning your estate and making sure all of your properties and belongings are accounted for. There’s different types of wills you can write, and there are certain legal differences as a California resident that you should keep in mind while you’re wring your will. Keep reading to learn more about the types of wills and the process of preparing one.


What Are the Different Kinds of Wills?

The three different types of wills: pour-overs, stand-alones, and living wills. A pour-over will is used accordingly with a trust. This type of will “pours” any property the deceased still owned at the time of death into a trust that the deceased had previously set up. A stand-alone will is the type that most people have in mind when they think of writing their will document. It includes documentation of the people involved in receiving parts of your estate, the plan of your estate distribution, and any nominations of guardians for your minor children. A living will is a document that allows you to state your medical decisions in case you are unable to do so at the time of your death.

How Should I Make My Will in California?

The California Probate Code allows for a handwritten stand-alone will for any California resident 18 years or older. The first step for your will is to determine what major property you possess and who will inherit that property. Next, write your statement of intention, which is just your name, address, and your official documentation of the division of your property. The next step is to identify the persons inheriting your property and give those individuals’ information. Next, specify who will be the executor of your will. Finally, sign and date your will, and store it in a safe place.

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