Trustee’s Responsibilities

What Are a Trustee’s Responsibilities?

Trustee’s ResponsibilitiesThere are many duties that a Trustee is responsible for once the Grantor has established the trust and falls ill.

At Incapacity of Grantor, the Trustee Must:

  • Oversee care of Incapacitated Grantor.
  • Understand insurance benefits and limitations.
  • Look after care of any minors and dependents of Grantor.
  • Apply for disability benefits for Grantor.
  • Put together team of advisors for Grantor.
  • Notify bank and others for Grantor.
  • Transact necessary business for Grantor or their Estate.
  • Keep accurate records and accounting of the Grantor’s Estate.

At Death of Grantor, the Trustee Must:

  • Contact an attorney to review the Trust and process any after death requirements and documents.
  • Keep beneficiaries informed of Grantors Passing and Estate.
  • Put together team of advisors for Grantor’s Estate.
  • Inventory assets, determines current values of Grantor’s Estate.
  • Make partial distributions if needed from the Estate.
  • Collect benefits, keep records and file tax returns for the Estate.
  • Pay bills, do final accounting for the Estate.
  • Distribute assets to beneficiaries as trust directs.

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